Frequently Asked Question

The most common questions about how our business works and what can do for you.

1) Is ESGTrade website free for buyers and sellers? Yes. All the provided services in ESGTrade is free for all users.
2) What are the advantages of selling my products or services through ESGTrade website as an Iranian seller? You can make all your products and services available to both foreign and domestic buyers through ESGTrade website. ESGTrade team help you reach foreign trade without concern. In this way, our partners from different countries around the world are with you. Also, all the process of ordering, loading and shipping of goods is performed by ESGTrade and the company has provided you with the possibility to monitor these steps online and get your order easily and with just a few clicks.
3) What are the advantages of buying products through your website as an Iranian buyer? You can access all the products of diverse factories and manufacturers on ESGTrade, and you can choose from a variety of products. So, you can order products or services from locations near you to reduce shipping costs. All the process of ordering, loading and shipping of goods is performed by ESGTrade and the company has provided you with the possibility to monitor these steps online and get your order easily and with just a few clicks.
4) What are the advantages of buying goods and services through ESGTrade website for international buyers? The primary focus of ESGTarde team is on Iranian products. As Iran is a rich country in terms of mineral, natural and chemical products; the price of all these products is much cheaper than similar products and services in other countries. Also, the geographical location of Iran and access to water ways allows you to reduce shipping costs.
5) How long will it take from placing my order to receiving products? Since on the ESGTraed website goods are sold in large quantities (Wholesale website) it is not possible to give you a precise date before your order registration. The delivery time depends on the destination (Iran or other countries), the quantity, the product category, etc.
6) What is the time limit for canceling an order? It is possible to cancel the order once the order has been registered in 24 hours if the cancelation does not cause any financial damage to seller or ESGTrade. In the case of any damages, the buyer agrees to compensate it.
7) Are there any discounts for people who have purchased multiple times? Yes, in addition to discounts, priority will be given to these individuals or companies for the use of discount packages.
8) Does ESGTrade have any plans to offer wholesale group buying? Yes. The ESGTrade team will post their special wholesale group buying packages on the website each season. If you follow our newsletter you will be notified of these special packages.
9) Can I track my purchase through ESGTrade? Yes. When you log in, you can track your order by interning the tracking code. We will also send all the processes of ordering, loading and shipping steps by email.
10) Can I request samples of a product before purchasing it in bulk? Yes, it is possible for some products.
11) I found the activities of a company suspicious on ESGTrade website. Is it possible to report? Yes, please fill out contact form and send any suspicious items.
12) How could I remove a comment below my products as this comment is completely wrong? Is it possible to remove it? Users agree not to undertake any action such as leaving unsubstantiated negative feedback for another User.Please contact us with more details. The ESGTrade team will remove the comment and will limit the user accessibility to ESGTrade website.
13) Is it possible to change the registration phone number? My Profile -> Edit User Information
14) How do I select the language after logging into my account? Menu -> Language selection
15) How do I find out about E-Trade news and information via email? News will be sent to you if you subscribe to the newsletter.
16) I have forgotten my password what should I do? My profile -> Change password (if you are logged in)
Login -> Forgotten Password -> Login Email -> Click Recovery Email Link -> New Password
17) How do I deactivate my account? Please fill the form in contact us
18) Do I need to be a member of the site to buy from ESG Trade? Yes, registration is required for purchase and sale.
19) How many photos allowed to load? Unlimited number, each photo 300 KB
20) Is it possible to load a short video to introduce my services to your website? Yes
21) Is it possible to sign up with Facebook? It is currently possible to register by email only.
22) Is it possible to advertise through your website? Yes, banner ads are available on your request.
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