We are ESGTrade

ESGTrade was established in 2013 with specializing in internal and international trading. As a learning organization, ESGTrade has been updated daily with the latest news and regulation in the commercial and business arena.

"With successful experience in trading, ESGTrade aims to expand the range of the products and services via the ESGTrade website. During these years our assets were the satisfaction of our customers. This progress has happened with using the experts and commitment of our national and international personnel as well as with the valuable experience of collaboration with foreign partners in Turkmenistan, Turkey, Georgia, China, Taiwan, Bulgaria, Uzbekistan, and Russia. We are here for the best decision guidance as this website has been developed to satisfy our customers ‘needs. Our goal is to provide the highest quality products and services, learning from past experiences and plan for a bright future."

ESGTrade Aims

Easy and Secure General Business by Excellent Service” is ESGTrade aim. Companies at ESGTrade can expand their business, review and choose from a wide range of products at any time and place. All products at ESGTrade are wholesalers and shipped all over the world with the most affordable and convenient shipping solutions.

Our Values

Our core values are reflected in everything we do. Each one reminds us to stay true to ourselves,
shape our team DNA while driving best solutions for our customers.


We think of responsibility as a privilege and an opportunity to do cool things. At ESGTrade every team member is responsible for our success. We encourage each other to bring forward our best ideas and to take ownership.

Personal Development

We believe personal development is a lifelong process that drives people to assess their skills and competencies, whilst considering their career and life goals. We enable everyone to unfold their full potential.

Vision-Driven Orientation

Our vision statement paints a successful future for all to see. The mission statement is the path we follow to get there. Dreaming and doing are both crucial in our day-to-day work.


We are curious, open-minded and never satisfied with the status quo. We appreciate new perspectives and ideas. Through empathy, different ideas and technologies we put ourselves in the shoes of our customers, our team, the market and the industry.


We learn from each other, align, share knowledge and give and receive objective feedback. Collaboration helps us to grow as a team and sets the base for working constructively and respectfully together towards achieving innovative solutions and our company's goals.

Our Location

No.10, Sixth Alley, Vozara St, Tehran, Iran

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