ESGTrade Rules

ESGTrade is the first online wholesale website in Iran that is with you, dear users, in all stages of buying and selling domestic and foreign products and services.

The difference between ESG Trade and similar online wholesale websites is that the buyer will use a team of experienced ESG Trade experts without any worries about the delivery of goods or services, and the sellers will trade with the buyers with confidence. . Because the ESG Trade team is with you throughout the sales and transportation process, you can confidently trade in a safe and free environment. Undoubtedly, achieving this ability has not happened overnight and in a short time, and the acceptable record of the professional business team of ESG Trade, which has been working for years in the field of export and import of goods and services in a completely professional way, is our property.

Since all real and traditional business and business relationships require a contract, in the modern world of e-commerce it is possible to access and use the services of websites along with concluding a contract, and here you, dear users, have access to these rules.

Terms and Conditions This page is a contract concluded between ESG Trade and respected users. Before using the ESG Trade service as a seller or buyer, please read the terms and conditions on this page patiently. The words "us", "ESG Trade" and "ESG Trade Team" refer to "ESG Trade Website" and the words "you", "user", "buyer" and "seller" refer to It has a "user" who can be any natural or legal person who uses the online wholesale website of ESG Trade. "Services", "Website", "Software" Products and the like also refer to "ESG Trade Services" in general.

1. Terms of use

  • 1.1 User agrees to accept the terms by using of the sites and services on ESGTrade website.
  • 1.2 ESGTrade team may amend terms by posting the terms on the site. By continuing to access the sites, user agrees that the amended terms will apply to them.
  • 1.3 The Terms may not be modified except in writing by an authorized manager of
  • 1.4 User agrees that will not copy, download, sell any services or any information, text, images, graphics, or databases, etc. available on the site.
  • 1.5 If user on behalf of the legal entity agrees to these Terms and Conditions, it guarantees that it has the necessary authority to make a commitment to the Legal Entity in respect of these Terms and Conditions.

2. Services & User account

  • 2.1 User must register as a member on the site to access and use services. ESGTrade reserves the right, to restrict access to or use of certain services under some circumstance.
  • 2.2 ESGTrade may change, or stop services without prior notice except in case of a fee-based Service, such changes will not adversely affect the ability of such paying users to use that Service.
  • 2.3 User must be registered on the sites to access or use services. One user only must register one member account.
  • 2.4 Member ID and password are unique to each user. User shall be responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and security of the Member ID and password and for all use of and activities that occur under the account.
  • 2.5 Each user agrees that the user content shall be accurate and lawful; not be false, or deceptive; not contain information that threatening or harmful to minors.
  • 2.6 You agree not to undertake any action such as leaving positive feedback for yourself, or using secondary member IDs by leaving unsubstantiated negative feedback for another User.
  • 2.7 ESGTrase have the right to remove or reject any user content that you submit to, post or display on the site which is unlawful, or violates the Terms.

3. Applicable laws and other rules

  • 3.1 By using ESGTrade Service, you agree that the E-commerce law, consumer protection act, and the laws of Iran, will govern these Conditions of Use and any dispute of any sort that might arise between you and ESGTrade.
  • 3.2 User agrees to be responsible for any risks associated with any purchase or sale using the ESGTrade website or its Services.
  • 3.3 The User undertakes not to purchase and sell goods that are in violation of Iranian laws and regulations. ESGTrade reserves the right to pursue legal action if it becomes aware of any unlawful act.
  • 3.4 User agree for checking products and services that are prohibited by Iranian law and do not sell or buy these products.
  • 3.5 User (seller) must ensure that its goods or services do not violate the terms and conditions of international trade.
  • 3.6 User must confirm the information on the ordering invoice as well as other items mentioned in the invoice such as exact address, product analysis, etc.
  • 3.7 If the in stock product is finished, the right to cancel that order and refund the payment is reserved for ESGTrade.
  • 3.8 User can enter the name, address and telephone number of the other person for the delivery of the order. Consignee must have a valid ID card when receiving the goods.
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