Negin Saffron

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Negin saffron, the best saffron available in the market, which has the best quality saffron

Origin Country ...
Minimum Order Available
Elements ...
Thermal drop Negin
Easy alkalinity in water medium
Chloride ion (CI) medium
Weight loss due to blushing ...
Air content ...
Delicacy grade 1 - grade 2 - grade 3
Expansion (maximum) 270 unit
Strength ...
Hydration heat (seven days - maximum) ...
Hydration heat (twenty-seven days - maximum) red-dark red

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Features of Negin saffron:

Negin saffron should be without any tail and whiteness and the three branches (stigmas) should be separated and should not be wrinkled. In simpler words, it is basically called Negin saffron that when you clean it, the three stigmas of saffron are completely separated from the root part and the orange part (bori) and there is no red color in it.

Negin saffron product has a high quality if it has the following characteristics:

1- colorful
2- Do not have pieces stuck together.
3- The three branches of the stigma should be separated.
4- The ends of the stigmas should not be white.
5- Do not have frustration

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