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An industrial process for electrolysis of sodium chloride solution. This technology is used to produce chlorine and sodium hydroxide (caustic soda). This process is based on the passage of DC current through a salt water solution. As a result, hydrogen, c

Origin Country two shell 25 and 50 kg bags
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Product Type sodium hydroxide, caustic soda
Process Type NaOH
Taste caustic soda
Heat 98%
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Caustic soda is a solid and white substance that has a melting point of 1390 degrees Celsius and a density of 2.13.

This material can easily absorb air moisture and, therefore, must be covered with the necessary protective cover during transportation. This combination, in contact with the skin, has a corrosive effect and should be considered when using it to prevent its burning effects.

Distinguished as a strong base, it is one of the most important industrial chemicals.
In 1980, for example, US production in the United States was 12 million tons. It is used in various fields, including the production of chemicals (50%), synthetic silk, paper and paper pulp (15%), aluminum (10%), petrochemicals and textiles (5%), soap and detergents (5). Observation is used in a variety of fields, including the production of chemicals, synthetic silk, paper and paper pulp, the production of paint, aluminum, petrochemicals and textiles, soap and detergents, as well as in laboratories to determine the concentration of acids. Unknown In the acid-base titration measurement, the alkaline solution of standard sodium hydroxide is used.


Use of caustic soda in Industries:
Food industry, dairy industry, canning, beverage, sugar factory, oil

Metal industry and production of zinc glass, aluminum, galvanizing and plating

Battery industry and acid neutralization and battery manufacturing

The pharmaceutical, alcohol and cosmetics industries

Fat production industry and other related industries

Oil and gas industry and petrochemicals

Carton and paper industry

Leather and textile industry

Paint industry

Paper industry

Aluminum processing

Packaging: (caustic soda) in 25 and 50 kg 2-walled bag packaging

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