Green Raisins

 As it is clear from its name the color of this raisin is green. Raisins, in general, are dried grapes. They are seedless grapes. Farmers start processing the green long raisin with double washing it and Then dry it under shade. Then coat them with vegeta


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Features and characteristics of green raisins:

To produce this type of raisin, the harvested grape is soaked in a solution of potassium carbonate and raisin oil (oil is usually imported from Australia) and left in the grape variety for a while.

After the grapes are removed from the solution, they are hung in a place to dry.

The reason for using this solution in preparing grapes is that the water inside the grape juice dries faster and the output product softens.

The most famous and best green raisins are the product of Kashmar city of Khorasan Razavi province, which has more fans for domestic consumption or export.

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