Fandoghi pistachio

Hessan Fandoghi Pistachio

Hassan Fandoghi pistachio In different and is the cheapest cultivar of pistachio which also has a high ounce. This pistachio is from the family of Kalehghoochi pistachios.

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Fandoghi pistachio is mostly produced in Kerman province and in Sirjan and Rafsanjan counties, but this cultivar is also found in some different regions of the country. Kerman Fandoghi pistachio is the first in terms of quality in Iran and the world. The distinctive feature of Kerman pistachio is mostly related to the geographical location of this province and the distance and altitude from the sea level, which has made Kerman pistachio have a different taste from other pistachios and has a global reputation.

Fandoghi pistachio is the cheapest variety of pistachio compared to other pistachios. The reason for its low price compared to other cultivars is its small shape and the high volume of production and export. For this reason, Fandoghi pistachios account for the largest amount of pistachio exports from Iran. The skin of the Fandoghi pistachio is naturally light cream in color.

Features of Hassan Fandoghi Pistachio

Fandoghi pistachio can be considered the most economical pistachio among all types of pistachios.
Fandoghi pistachio is very popular.
This pistachio cultivar is in the group of round and spherical pistachios.
Fandoghi pistachio is also called Ouhadi pistachio.
This product is available in 32/30, 34/32, 36/34 sizes


Fandoghi pistachio has a lower price than other Iranian pistachio items due to its smaller size than other types of pistachios. Fandoghi pistachio ounce is 28/30, 30/32 and 32/34. Fandoghi pistachio kernels are more popular than other types of pistachios because they are very tasty and also very tasty. The color of the kernel is green and when ripe it is dark purple and pale reddish blue. The bony shell of the Fandoghi pistachio is cream in color.

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