Ahmad Aghaei pistachio

Ahmad Aghaei Ratin Khosh Pistachio

Ahmad Aghaei pistachio has been provided to you dear ones from the best farms all over the country. Order nuts and dried fruits online from ESGTrade.

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About Ratin Khosh Company (Khoshbin Industrial Group)

There are a lot of pistachio producer in Iran and other countries, but a few of them have good packed with high quality. Ratin khosh is the good producer and this group is one of the top export companies of nuts, especially pistachios in Iran, which with a high volume of exports in recent years has become one of the most reputable export companies.

About Ahmad Aghaei Ratin Khosh Pistachio

Iran is one of the countries that has the best nuts. Among them, pistachio is very popular because it can hardly be found in any country. In this case, you can be sure that the quality is not the same. This is because Iranian pistachios grow in the Rafsanjan region of Kerman province, which is the best region for planting this special kernel. The climate and soil of this region are suitable for planting the most expensive nuts in the world.

In addition, you will not find just one type of pistachio in Iran because this country has different types of pistachios. This is another point for Iranian pistachio suppliers. They can offer you different types of pistachios, with long or round shapes to small or large kernels. Each type of pistachio has a name. For example, long pistachios are called Ahmad Aghaei pistachios. It is a type of Iranian pistachio that is bigger and thicker than hazelnut and has a more desirable taste. The most common pistachio is this type of pistachio and it is also called long pistachio. 

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