Fandoghi pistachio

Falat Rafsanjan Fandoghi Pistachio

Falat Rafsanjan Fandoghi Pistachio, types of Iranian pistachios exported from Kerman gardens, including: Fandoghi, Akbari, Ahmad Aghaei, etc. - Hazelnut pistachio with large kernels from Koleghoochi family


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The name of this type of pistachio is because it has a shape and appearance similar to hazelnut. This type of pistachio is the whole family with Koleghoochi pistachio; Since this type of pistachio is small, its number per kilogram is more than other pistachios (high ounce), and therefore it is more economical for nuts.

Fandoghi pistachio kernels are more popular than other types of kernels because they are very tasty in appearance and also very tasty.

Exports of this type of pistachio are divided into two types.

(1 Natural Smile: Countries such as (Australia, France, Germany, etc.) are in the category of quality-oriented countries and therefore choose natural smiling Fandoghi pistachios for import to their country.

(2 Abkhandan: Countries such as Russia and China, for various reasons, prefer to put the trade of Abkhnadan on their agenda.

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