Fandoghi pistachio

Shams Kesht Fandoghi Pistachio

Shams Kesht Fandoghi Pistachio, types of Iranian pistachios for export, including: Hazelnut, Akbari, Koleghoochi, etc. Export

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Fandoghi pistachio is popular pistachio in Kerman province as it constitutes 55 to 60% of pistachio orchards in this province. Fandoghi pistachio has a smaller size than other pistachio cultivars. This product is known as hazelnut pistachio because of its small appearance and similar to hazelnut.

Hazelnut pistachio is mostly found in Kerman province and in Sirjan and Rafsanjan counties, but in some different regions of the country, this pistachio is also found that Kerman hazelnut pistachio is the first in terms of quality in Iran and the world.

The distinctive feature of Kerman pistachio is mostly related to the geographical location of this province and the distance and altitude from the sea level, which has made Kerman pistachio have a different taste from other pistachios, and has a global reputation. Rafsanjan Pistachio Company is proud to provide pistachios directly from gardeners with the desired quality and provide them to the customer without intermediaries.

Appearance characteristics of Fandoghi pistachio

The predominant color of the pistachio kernel is green and when it reaches the top color, it turns into a beautiful red color.
The dimensions of dried pistachios are 18 mm.
Dried Fandoghi pistachio with a width of 11 mm (medium).
Fandoghi pistachio with a diameter of 11.6 mm.
Purple brain surface color.
The color of bony skin is cream.

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