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Tabesh Shimi Poya Caustic Soda

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Tabesh Shimi Poya Sodium hydroxide, caustic soda Caustic soda is provided in two different ways, liquid and solid, and depending on the weight of the product it is distributed in the market with various prices.

Origin Country 25 kg bags
Minimum Order Available
Packing 98 Percent
Product Availability NaOH
Other Names For the products Sodium oxidanide, Sodium hydroxide
Product Type caustic soda, sodium hydroxide
Process Type NaOH
Taste caustic soda
Heat 98.99%
Elements ...

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Tabesh Shimi Poya sodium hydroxide is a product manufactured by Tabesh Shimi Poya factory and it is provided with the best and desirable raw material in this factory, Tabesh Shimi Poya was founded in Parandak in Tehran in the year 1999 and stated the activity with the goal of massive production and high-quality caustic soda.

Today this famous company has reached 10000 tons of caustic soda manually and plays a very important role in exporting this chemical product. From the beginning this company was looking for successful experiences and today is acting its dream.

In this company, provision and production of caustic soda is professionally done and under standard analysis using necessary compounds chart. This company packs caustic soda in 25kg bags and is respondent to market consumers with massive distribution.

Tabesh Shimi Poya with 20 years of consistent effort, has managed to sign contracts with different companies and factories related to producing chemical products and could be one of the main companies in exporting in this field.

This company is manually increasing its capacity for manufacturing and has achieved the up to date methods for making caustic soda, such as membranous method that has taught its producing team and produces an absolutely pure and useful product. Tabesh Shimi Poya sodium hydroxide commercially known as caustic soda is available in the market and is used by consumers.

Caustic soda is provided in two different ways, liquid and solid, and depending on the weight of the product it is distributed in the market with various prices.

Caustic soda is made from solvent compounds and alcoholic derivatives such as ethanol and methanol. It has many usages in different industries. One of the tricking problems of using caustic soda is its power of absorbing air moisture and ignition, especially in covered environments and without oxygen.

Therefore, Tabesh Shimi Poya has brought attempts in the act, and provide the packages with non-absorbability which prevents the occurrence of any kind of damage, according to ongoing analysis, this compound contains at least a percentage of acid and heavy metals such as mercury. And it`s one of the factors that Tabesh Shimi Poya is high-quality and can be used in food consumes.

Tabesh Shimi Poya caustic soda usages

  • Aluminum industries for processing stone and sedimentation
  • Military industries
  • Soap industry for existing fats in soap and turning them to consuming detergents
  • Textile industry for make cloths glossy
  • Petrochemistry for absorbing sulfides and carbon dioxide
  • Clearing many products from sulfur
  • Production of derivatives of sodium silicate
  • Production of bleach and cleaners based on chlorine
  • PVC industries
  • Production of various fibers like synthetic fiber
  • Production of degreasing materials fore pipes and fats in consuming industries
  • Production of prochlorines for groceries disinfectants

Tabesh Shimi Poya company is one of the valid and professional companies in the field of formulation of caustic soda with technology of electrolysis sodium chloride and membranous procedure, in the best sterilized and standard environment and laboratories.

And due to following all necessary tips in producing caustic soda with high quality, Tabesh Shimi Poya could have the advantages for exporting massive amounts to neighboring countries and some European countries. For buying products from this company it`s recommended to contact its purchasing consultants and then provide your satisfying and valid products.



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