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Sinad Sodium hydroxide Caustic soda is known as the scientific name of sodium hydroxide and its commercial name is caustic soda, it also has other various names such as solid caustic soda, etc.

Origin Country pallet, two shell bags (P+P and P+E)
Minimum Order Available
Packing 98.5+0.5 percent
Product Availability NaOH
Other Names For the products Sodium oxidanide, Sodium hydroxide
Product Type sodium hydroxide, caustic soda
Process Type NaOH
Taste casutic soda
Heat 98/5%
Elements ...

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Caustic soda is known as the scientific name of sodium hydroxide and its commercial name is caustic soda, it also has other various names such as solid caustic soda, etc. It is in the color of white and without any odor, with the chemical formula of NaOH and with a melting temperature of 1390 ° C and a density of 2.13. Caustic soda is available in the form of flakes or scales or granules. Caustic soda is one of the most used chemicals in the country and the world. It has many different uses including applications in the food industry, dyeing industry, metal industry, pharmaceutical industry, cosmetics, leather and textile, oil, gas, and petrochemical industry, Cardboard & Paper Manufacturing Industry, grease trap production industry and so on. Soda caustic can easily absorb moisture from the air, therefore, it must be covered with protective coatings during transportation and it has a corrosive effect when in contact with the skin. Soda caustic produced by Pishgam Energy Sinad Company is packed in double-sided laminated bags made of polyethylene and polypropylene.

Sinad Sodium Hydroxide is one of the economic and affordable caustic soda in the consumer market of this chemical compound. Pishgam Energy Sinad company produces high quality caustic soda with the newest methods of chemical production and this company is also considered a famous and valid producer in this field.

Pishgam Energy Sinad company started its activity and targets as Danesh Bonyan company (knowledge base) in case of production of chemical materials such as borax penta, phosphoric acid, chlorine, and other chemical derivatives. This newly stablished company quickly managed to produce high quality caustic soda with experienced staff and expert team.

Today after 20 years of experience Pishgam Energy Sinad has been successful to produce 1000 tons of cause soda yearly. Caustic soda made by Sinad gets analyzed after the production process by proficient and trained engineers, and any kind of impurity is not seen in its compound.

This creditable company provides caustic soda, liquid and solid with membranous electrolyze method and in addition to domestic consuming, this product from this company is exported to middle east and southern America.

Nowadays many distribution companies have added this valid product to their list and could rise the validity of their companies. Producing company of this product is located in Isfahan province and has extensive activity in exporting this product to foreign markets.

Caustic soda provided in this company is made with decent raw material and available for consumers with reasonable price. Regarding the importance of this product packing, in order to reduce its reaction with air humidity and ignition, Pishgam Energy Sinad company uses proper and protected packages and take precautions and resolve the worries of the consumers.

One of the considerable and very important features of this company is the reception of orders of caustic soda in different packages and amounts.

Sodium hydroxide produced in this company has been a famous brand among domestic and foreign brands, and this company uses advanced world technology. Solid caustic soda, solid sodium hydroxide, industrial degreaser and caustic soda are the commercial names of this product. This product`s appearance is like pieces of paper and has no smell. Because of its high purity rate and high quality, Sinad caustic soda has significance in the pharmacy industry and is one of the important compounds for cardiovascular drugs like aspirin. The corrosion trait of this product is a thing to take care while working caustic soda, and it`s recommended to pay attention to safety tips while using this substance. Packing of Sinad caustic soda is in especial two shell resistant cover, and it is one of the most considerable advantage from this company. Packing of caustic soda from Pishgam Energy Sinad company is done in weights below:

  1. 25 kg two shell bags
  2. 1000 km jmbvbg and pallets
  3. Barrel (available)

Caustic soda usages

  • Clearing different industries faced with pathogenic factors
  • Pharmacy industry and consuming drugs
  • Production of detergents for groceries like hypochlorite
  • Textile and leather industry
  • Food and canning Industries
  • Production of medical and industrial alcohol

Sinad caustic soda is a brand involved in market demand of all the country provinces that distributes all its chemical products to applicants and buyers via active agents and other distributing companies.

Distributing company of this product has services of consulting and after sales service like warranty related to its products, and distributes its products with suitable prices and wide range of packages for caustic soda in the market.



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