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Petro Gohar Pars Caustic Soda

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Petro Gohar Pars Sodium Hydroxide Petro Gohar Pars Sodium Hydroxide is one of the products manufactured by Petro Gohar Pars CO. which publicly is known as caustic soda and reputed among consumers

Origin Country pallets, 25 kg bags
Minimum Order Available
Packing 98-99 Percent
Product Availability NaOH
Other Names For the products Caustic soda
Product Type sodium hydroxide, caustic soda
Process Type NaOH
Taste caustic soda
Heat 98-99%
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Petro Gohar Pars Sodium Hydroxide is one of the products manufactured by Petro Gohar Pars CO. which publicly is known as caustic soda and reputed among consumers. Weighing 4000 grams molecular over mole and get evaporated via liquid caustic soda, provided and distributed in the market. This chemical product has had many usages in pharmacy industry and gas and oil industry. From past to present it has the most consume in paper industry. Nowadays sodium hydroxide with various names, is being produced and distributed to applicants, by domestic companies related to petrochemistry. Petro Gohar Pars CO. is one of the creditable and famous companies in the field of sodium hydroxide with 98% to 99% purity degree. The extension of use of this chemical product in many massive industries like food and petrochemistry, has resulted in increasing the applications and in following increasing the producing and distribution.


Caustic soda, also scientifically known as so sodium hydroxide is inorganic compound with the formula NaOH. It is a white solid ionic compound consisting of sodium cations Na+
 and hydroxide anions OH-. It`s packed in proper protecting covers in different amounts and distributed in the consuming market. Petro Gohar Pars sodium hydroxide with world advanced and modern technology, under control of international standards is provided in equipped laboratories by experts. One of the important features of Petro Gohar Pars sodium hydroxide is the alternative packing, in different ways including bags, barrels, pallets, jambong and buckets. It is distributed to applicants and buyers with standard and secure covers and this prevents from skin complication, respiratory damages and absorbing the air humidity via this chemical product.


Petro Gohar Pars sodium hydroxide with using cutting edge methods and world modern technology production is now manufacturing in equipped laboratories and has managed to promote a big part of dependence of consuming market of foreign companies, and also distribute a high qualified product to domestic consumers.

The molecular weight of this chemical substance is 4000 grams over mole and having different melting points, boiling points and density according to percentage of solutions used as industrial solvents. sodium has the capability solving in ethanol, methanol and glycerol and unsolvable in acetone. Petro Gohar Pars sodium hydroxide has also the capability solving in water. it has the steam pressure 1.5 milli meter mercury in temperature 20 centigrade.

Different usages of caustic soda flakes:

Gas and oil industries

Food and agriculture industries

Paper and pulp industries

Leather industry

Car industry

Pharmacy and hygienic products industry

Textile and plastic industry

Metal industry


Caustic soda flakes of the Petro Gohar Pars, in different amounts using suitable packages is distributed to buyers with qualified orders. These packings are, laminated 25 kgr bags, canned 15 kgr polyethylene buckets, 1000 kgr jambongs (40 bags, 15 kgr), 1000 kgr wooden strong and resistant pallets in 30 kgr and 50 kgr networks. Ready and reliable to distribute in the market. Barrel packing is the best and suitable caustic soda flakes way of transportation for high quantity orders and it is affordable for customers.


A very significant and considerable point about utilizing caustic soda flakes is the attention to skin complication like rashes and rapid absorbing humidity by solid ingredients of sodium hydroxide. Therefore it is recommended being very cautious for using this chemical compound and wearing suitable protectors for hands.

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