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Pomegranate seed oil

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Pomegranate seed oil has an incredible effect on removing tattoo lines on the face (tattoo) and in the shortest time by exfoliating the skin, it eliminates old tattoos. It is also used topically to moisturize the skin, massage oil or lubricant. Decreasing the moisture in the skin increases the wrinkles. By increasing the necessary moisture and reducing the dryness, the oil eliminates the wrinkles of the skin and makes the skin look firm, radiant and shiny by using it. In addition to moisturizing the skin, this oil increases the strength and elasticity of the skin due to its natural estrogenic, antioxidant, anti-corrosion and antimicrobial properties.

Properties and Applications:

As a emollient and moisturizer, apply to dry areas of the skin two to three times a day, depending on the degree of dryness (immediate effect).
As a nourishing and regenerating cream, apply once a night on the face and neck. And massage in a circular motion for one minute (three days after use, the skin becomes clear, shiny and fresh).
To loosen and loosen the skin, apply the oil to the skin twice a day for one minute. Massage in the opposite direction of sagging skin (the skin is stretched for three days after use. Continue this for fifteen days, then repeat for three days in a row to prevent re-sagging).
To remove cracks Massage the skin four times a day on the cracked areas with circular motions for two minutes (after six months of use you will see its miraculous effect).

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