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plum raisins

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What is raisins? It is the same yellow, brown or purple grapes that are dried at sunny temperatures. Of course, the process of drying grapes can be done by food dryers. Raisins are commonly used in a variety of forms:

Mix with salad mixed with oatmeal in yogurt in granules or cereals.

When buying raisins, you should touch the surface of the raisins with your hands. If you come across small grains such as raisins inside the raisins, it will be clear that the raisins are old.

If you feel that raisins have a sour taste when eating raisins, you should know that these raisins are smoked raisins.

Raisins that are small and small are of lower quality than meat and coarse raisins, and are also cheaper than large raisins.

Before buying raisins, be sure to consider the amount of raisin spoilage that is not too much.

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