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Zahedi Date Weight 450 gr

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Zahedi dates are one of the types in Iran. The shape of this fruit is oval and its end is quite thin and pointed. The fruit is pale yellow in the Kharg phase, light brown in the brown phase and red to yellow in the palm phase. It is of very high quality and is easy to store and transport and is one of the export figures.

Zahedi dates may be one of the most used dates in the country. Zahedi dates are a dry, yellowish, fleshy and tasty fruit with less moisture than other dates. These dates are relatively low in sweetness and are recommended for tastes that are not very sweet.

Properties of Zahedi Date:

Zahedi dates have high vitamins and minerals.

This fruit is high in fiber, thus preventing constipation and cleansing the digestive system.

It is high in calcium, it also helps prevent arthritis and osteoporosis.

This fruit is full of iron, increases blood glucose production and thus improves blood circulation.

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