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Chloran Sodium Hydroxide is a type of caustic soda used in production of different hygienic products, cosmetics and food and beverage. Caustic soda or industrial fat eliminator is a solid white substance.

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Chloran Sodium Hydroxide is a type of caustic soda used in production of different hygienic products, cosmetics and food and beverage. Caustic soda or industrial fat eliminator is a solid white substance, which is very light that is produces and provided in chemical multi-step reactions in the manufacturing laboratories of chemical products. In contact with free environment air this compound absorbs the humidity and miss its virtue. Chloran company has managed to keep this product physically and morphologically unchanged regarding global advanced and modern packing manners. Chloran company uses two shell packages.

Chloran sodium hydroxide has all the traits of international standards for producing this product, and has the least impurity in its compound. This chemical compound weighs molecular 4000 gram to mole and is considered high quality and decent caustic soda flakes in the market of industrial consuming. This product is packed and sent all over the country in 25 kg resistant and strong bags and this way it is safe from any damage and conversion.

Caustic soda is kind of flakes paper like and has many usages in different industries for instance neutralizing acid used in car and battery industry, production of paper and pulp, gas and oil industries and production of medicines and types of hygienic products and aluminum. This product is being produced and formulated by many Iranian companies such as Chloran, producer of chemical products.

In the process of production, analysis and results of quality control tests related to caustic soda have shown that 99.16 percent of weight of this product is caustic soda and zero percent of its weight is insoluble substance in water and less than 20 milligram it contains of heavy metals and aluminum.

Chloran caustic soda usages

  • Metal and metal plating industries
  • Zinc, aluminum and galvanization production
  • Cotton industry
  • Textile and fabric and many other related industries
  • Milk, yogurt and various dairy products
  • Industrial fat eliminating and related industries
  • Plastic industry
  • Car industry and its parts production
  • Neutralization of acidity of water in drinking water treatment
  • Degreasing from the surface of animal skin in production of fat
  • Cellulosic fiber separation and paper pulp production that is the one of the most important and oldest consume using this chemical compound
  • Canning and dairy
  • Degreasing of crude oil and production of products related to petrochemistry
  • Production of hygienic products and cosmetics especially detergents such as soap and shampoo

The quality of the Chloran caustic soda is one of the reasons of its success of this domestic brand and could meet the need of the domestic consumers.

Chloran company could produce and distribute caustic soda in the consuming market of the country with owning advanced laboratories equipment and observing all the world and valid standards in the process of production.

Chloran caustic soda is packed in 25 kg bags fully protected and resistant and it remains safe from any damage or conversion during intercity transportation. It`s recommended to follow safety tips and hand over the using of caustic soda to experts and trained individuals. Be cautious in order to protect and keep this chemical substance and use impenetrable covers and therefore you avoid environmental reactions of caustic soda in confronting with air humidity, strong acids, compounds and carbon dioxide, and increase the safety factor in work place of Chloran caustic soda.


Analyze Chloran Caustic Soda


Unitminimum amountMaximum amountLevelStandardChemical and physical 
Mg per kg3020ISIRI364Iron
%0/1ISIRI364Water insoluble material
Mg per kg2020ISIRI364Aluminum
Mg per kg2020ISIRI364

Heavy metals


Mg per kg0/20/2ISIRI364Mercury
Mg per kg20/5ISIRI364Arsenic
Colorless, transparent, free of scale and particles Appearance

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