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Islamabad Limestone Slab

Islamabad limestone is one of the whitest types of limestone that is provided to the customer as a monopoly. Islamabad limestone has a calcareous material, so it has a high water absorption and is suitable for wet places such as baths, swimming pools and

Origin Country Pallet
Minimum Order Available
Elements ...
Heat ...
Cadmium 3
Melting Point 2.5
Special Weight 600
(BaSo4) Toilets Bathroom kitchen
Thickness (inch) ...
UV resistance ...
Penetration Rate White has a gray halo with low-density brown grains
CCA ...
Glaze type all dimensions are available
Density White
Standard Type ...
SO3 Percentage ...


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Islamabad Limestone Slab

Limestone is actually a member of the marble family that is not complete and therefore has a lot of lime. Limestone rocks do not have good sanding due to high water absorption and low compressive strength. For this reason, we recommend not using this stone in exterior views and wet spaces.

Islamabad white limestone is used in interior facades, decoration and due to its more reasonable price than marble. If used in exterior facades, they should be waterproofed (waterproof) after installing white limestone in Islamabad. Lime columns have good resistance to cold and frost.

From foreign countries, we can name Australia, which is very interested in using limestone stones.

This stone is available in the form of tile slabs and block.

Islamabad stone is one of the white limestone stones. Limestone stones do not have good sanding and do not have good polish due to their high water absorption and low density. Limestone should not be used on the exterior of buildings, paving, and places that are exposed to high humidity and traffic due to water absorption and high scalability.

Limestone is a good choice for interior walls. Today, with the advancement of technology and nanotechnology, limestone can be covered with nano and its weakness against water absorption and scalability can be covered.

Features of Islamabad Lime Stone:

One of the features of Islamabad limestone is the light and uniform color.
This stone can be used for toilets, bathrooms, and places that deal with water and humidity, including the kitchen.

Factors affecting the price of Islamabad limestone:

The price of Islamabad limestone depends on various factors.

Color and grade of stone
Dimensions of stone
Type of processing

The color of this natural stone is white and it has a gray halo with low-density brown grains. Limestones are among the cheapest stones.

Islamabad Limestone Mine

Islamabad Limestone Mine is located in Kermanshah province near the west of Islamabad city. If you want to use white limestone, this particular color of limestone will be a very good choice.

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