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Khorramdareh Zanjan Granite block

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horramdareh granite is not very graded and the weak varieties of this stone have black spots, which are called glands. Khorramdareh granite has several minesو Khorramdareh Zanjan Granite block

Origin Country ...
Minimum Order Available
Elements ...
Thermal conductivity coeficient ...
Melting Point 0.13
Color 0.42
Grain Size 3
Type 1230
Harvest Origin ...
Size ...
Weight of each number ...
Silicon hydroxide ...
Aluminum Oxide ...
iron oxide ...
Oxide Calcium ...
Magnesium oxide ...
Sulfur wet oxide block
Potassium Oxide granite

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Khorramdareh granite is extracted from several mines, each of which has its own color spectrum. Khorramdareh granite is available in the market with the names of chocolate Khorramdareh granite, golden Khorramdareh granite, and oyster Khorramdareh granite. Some Khorramdareh granite rocks have pores that are filled with resin. The characteristics of Khorramdareh granite are very high strength, low water absorption, uniformity and mass production. And for this reason, many commercial, office, industrial, and residential projects use this granite stone for paving and exterior and interior facades. Khorramdareh granite is processed in the form of crushed, filmed, cubic, and stone tables.
Khorramdareh granite is not very graded and the weak varieties of this stone have black spots, which are called glands.
Khorramdareh granite has several mines, including;

Khorramdare Sadri Granite Mine
Khorramdareh granite mine
Khorramdare Moradi Granite Mine
Application of Khorramdareh granite
Khorramdareh granite is used in all internal and external parts of the building. This stone is very resistant to cold, heat, impact and pressure and is one of the most suitable options for its use in paving and interior and exterior of the building.

Paving the interior of the building
Paving the exterior of the building
Paving the yard and sidewalks
Paving industrial, health and food sheds
Exterior and main view
Parking walls and floors
Staircase body and staircase
Stone table
  Khorramdareh granite price
The price of Khorramdareh granite depends on the following factors:

The type of mine affects the price of stone in terms of quality and color.
Pure stone without tubers and uniformity has a higher price.
 The thickness of the stone has a direct effect on its price.
The larger the stone, the higher the price.
The quality of stone processing in terms of Saab, cutting will affect the price of stone.
Khorramdareh granite mine
Khorramdareh granite mines are located in several different workshops in Zanjan province, Khorramdareh city, with a monthly extraction of more than 30,000 tons.
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