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Nehbandan Astan White Granite Block

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Nehbandan Astan white granite has a light background with a gray, cream and orange theme and it is with high abrasion and compressive strength and excellent extraction strength in South Khorasan mine

Origin Country ...
Minimum Order Available
Elements ...
Thermal conductivity coeficient ...
Melting Point ...
Color ...
Grain Size 5
Type 1862
Harvest Origin Paving the interior of the building Paving the exterior of the building Paving the yard and sidewalks Exterior and main facade of the walls and parking lot Staircase and stone body
Size High
Weight of each number ...
Silicon hydroxide ...
Aluminum Oxide ...
iron oxide ...
Oxide Calcium ...
Magnesium oxide ...
Sulfur wet oxide ...
Potassium Oxide ...

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Application of Nehbandan granite:

Nehbandan granite is suitable for paving office and commercial buildings, parking paving, interior, and exterior of buildings. Nehbandan granulated stone and Nehbandan cubic stone are very suitable for paving the area. Nehbandan granite is also used to prepare stone tables.

Paving the interior of the building
Paving the exterior of the building
Paving the yard and sidewalks
Paving industrial, health, and foodsheds
Exterior and main view
Parking walls and floors
Stair body and stair tread
Stone table

Types of Nehbandan Granite

Nehbandan Astan granite mine
Nehbandan Karam granite mine
Nehbandan Orange granite mine
Nehbandan Kojin granite mine
Nehbandan granite mine
Nehbandan Ahrar granite mine

Nehbandan granite price

The price of Nehbandan granite depends on several factors:

The type of mine affects the price of stone in terms of quality and color.
Pure stone without tubers and light is more expensive.
The thickness of the stone has a direct effect on its price.
The larger the stone, the higher the price.
The quality of stone processing in terms of Saab, cutting will affect the price of the stone.

Nehbandan Granite Mine

Nehbandan granite mines are located in several different workshops in the South Khorasan province of Nehbandan city with a monthly extraction of more than 45 thousand tons.

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