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Mashhad Pearl Granite Tile

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Mashhad pearl granite with gray theme and fine white and black granulation is one of the cheapest types of stone in Iran.

Origin Country Pallet
Minimum Order Available
Elements Mashhad Pearl
Thermal conductivity coeficient Iran
Melting Point 0.80
Color 0.51
Grain Size 3
Type 1510
Harvest Origin Paving the interior of the building Paving the exterior of the building Paving the area and sidewalks Walls and floors Parking lot Staircase and staircase Stone table
Size Average
Weight of each number ...
Silicon hydroxide Gray theme with white and black fine grains
Aluminum Oxide 2-3 cm
iron oxide ...
Oxide Calcium 40*40 60*60
Magnesium oxide Grey
Sulfur wet oxide ...
Potassium Oxide ...

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Mashhad Pearl Granite is one of the cotton flower stones with a gray theme and fine granulation of white and black shell. Mashhad Pearl Granite has a relatively high water absorption and is one of the cheapest light granite stones in Iran. It is used in the paving of parking lots, interior walls, and film, and its cubic is suitable for furnishing the outdoor space.

Mashhad Pearl Granite, if used in the exterior, absorbs water when it rains and it will take a few days to return to its original color. Mashhad Pearl Granite is processed in the form of grinding, filming, cubic and stone table. Bright color, uniformity, reasonable price and mass production are the most prominent features of this step stone.

Mashhad pearl granite does not have much grading and the weak varieties of this stone have black spots, which are called glands and white nodules are scattered in it.

Application of Mashhad pearl granite

Mashhad pearl granite is used in all interior and exterior parts of the building. This stone is very resistant to cold, heat, impact and pressure and is one of the most suitable options for its use in paving and interior of the building.

Paving the interior of the building
Paving the exterior of the building
Paving the yard and sidewalks
Parking walls and floors
Stair body and stair tread
Stone table

The price of Mashhad pearl granite

The price of Mashhad pearl granite depends on the following factors:

The type of mine affects the price of stone in terms of quality and color.
Pure stone without tubers and light is more expensive.
The thickness of the stone has a direct effect on its price.
The larger the stone, the higher the price.
The quality of stone processing in terms of Saab, cutting will affect the price of stone.

Mashhad Pearl Granite Mine

Mashhad Pearl Granite Mine is located in Khorasan Razavi province with a monthly extraction of more than 5,000 tons and a reserve of about 700.2 million tons.

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