Construction Equipment

Real estate is defined in general terms as all real estate located on a property, which generally consists of land, buildings, agricultural products, natural resources, minerals, and groundwater.
But by real estate we mean in general all the materials and accessories needed to build a building, from the building's earthmoving products to the smallest items needed to decorate a stylish and luxurious building.

What is important for most of us is to meet the business needs in the best possible way, for example, if your job is to close the scaffolding, you need to have enough scaffolding, the clamp that connects the scaffolding, the wrench, and so on. Be available. Our goal in the ESG Trade online store is to meet all the needs of your business in the best possible way, which is important by trying to fully cover all the needs of different businesses.
In addition to extensive coverage of the needs of various businesses, we try to surpass our competitors in the quality and speed of supply and play the leading role in the Iranian market.

Products that fall into this category include: doors, windows and accessories, composite aluminum sheet panels, fences, bathroom accessories, boards, building glass, roofing accessories, corner guards, desktops, vanity tables and desks, Wall hangings and accessories, building earthmoving products, elevators and elevator components, escalators and escalator components, valves, fireplaces and stoves, refractory materials, underfloor heating systems and parts, flooring and accessories, heating and ventilation systems Air and parts, thermal insulation materials, kitchen, scaffolding and ladders, landscaping stone, masonry materials, metal building materials, mosaics, plastering, multifunctional materials, other constructions, building plastic materials, stone, real estate consultant, materials Sound insulation, stairs and its parts, stone inlay and stone sculptures, glass and sunny houses, tiles and accessories, wood and timber, tombstones and monuments, wallpaper and wall coverings, insulation and waterproofing materials Which, of course, still has the ability to be added and expanded.

As you can see, the parent category of real estate includes almost everything small and large that is related to this area. So safely leave your order with us and create peace in your work space by cooperating with us.

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